camera stabilizationWelcome to Fluent In Film. We’re the home of the top-level professionals in both the photography and moving images arena. We pride ourselves in being steeped in the traditions of photography and filmmaking while not only staying current but also pushing the envelop in the latest gear, techniques, and technology like those shown here. In the digital age, many innovations have sprung up in the service of photography and videography. Particularly in the equipment we employ to achieve the end products we aim for. Whether it’s the latest in camera equipment and accessories like dolly tracks and sliders, handheld steadicams, and assorted mounts and rigs, or in the newest software and applications, we’ve got people who’ve mastered them. Our expertise also goes beyond the actual shoot. Our post-production services have been much sought out for motion pictures, advertising, photography, and digital art. Our editing and video manipulation and special effects, featuring computer-generated imagery, are simply top notch. Fluent In Film is also a treasure trove of photo and video gear. We let out dslr equipment to industry professionals, studios, and independent production companies who are in temporary need of the their own brands of preference from Opteka, Steadicam, Konova camera sliders, Merlin, Glidecam, Lensse, and many more. We have a veritable armory of shooting equipment such as camera stabilizers, video track sliders, additional tracks, dollies, jibs, camera cages, tripods and heads, and even small cranes that will allow the operators to fly, pan, tilt, hover, all with smooth professional precision. We do pretty much all of it. If it involves capturing and enhancing images, we’ve both been there and done that or doing it right now. We have the capability to work a project from beginning to end. Look around the site and learn more about the people behind Fluent In Film, the selection of services and photography and videography equipment we have on offer, and our adventures through our blog.